Exercising divers’ thermal protection as a function of water temperature

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David R. Pendergast 1,2, Joseph Mollendorf 1,31 Center for Research and Education in Special Environments; University at Buffalo, Buffalo, N.Y., USA2 Departments of Physiology and 3 Mechanical and ...

Identification of bacteria in scuba divers’ rinse tanks

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Brian K . Washburn 1,2, Andrew E . L evin 1, K risten Hennessy 1, Michael R . Miller 31 Immunetics, Inc., Boston, Massachsetts2 Department of Biological Science, Florida State University, ...

Validation of hyperbaric oxygen treatment software for use with monoplace chambers.

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J. R. SECHRIST1, R. A WARRINER III2, A. E. WENINGER1, R. ONG11Sechrist Industries, Inc., Anaheim, CA 98207, 2Diversified Clinical Services, The Woodlands, TX 77380

Subjective and behavioural responses to Nitrogen Narcosis and Alcohol.

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M. HOBBSDepartment of Psychology, University of Winchester, West Hill, Winchester, SO22 4NR, UK

Mechanical and physical factors in lung function during work in dense environments.

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HD Van Liew - Undersea biomedical research, 1983 - europepmc.org

Effects of inert gas narcosis on behavior-a critical review

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B. FOWLER, K. N. ACKLES, and G. PORLIERDepartments of Physical Education and Psychology, York University, and Defence and CM/ Institute ofEnvironmental Medicine, Ontario. Canada

DIVING REPORT 2011 Edition

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A Report on 2009 Diving Incidents, Injuries and FatalitiesPollock NW, Denoble PJ, Moore JP, Trout BM, Caruso JL, Clarke NW, Lippmann J, Lawrence C, Fock A, Wodak T, Jamieson S, HarrisR, Walker D. DAN ...

DIVING REPORT 2010 Edition

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A Report on 2008 Diving Incidents, Injuries and FatalitiesPollock NW, Denoble PJ, Chimiak JM, Moore JP, Trout BM, Caruso JL, Clarke NW. DAN Annual Diving Report − 2010 Edition.Durham, NC: Divers ...

Decompression Risk Evaluation of Commercially Available Desktop Decompression Algorithms.

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Gene W. Hobbs and Keith A. Gault*Rubicon Foundation, Inc and Duke Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology, Durham, NC, USA;*US Navy Experimental Diving Unit Panama City, FL, USA


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Pollock NW, Dunford RG, Denoble PJ, Caruso JL. Annual Diving Report - 2009 Edition (Based on 2007 Data). Durham, NC: DiversAlert Network, 2013; 153pp.© 2013 Divers Alert Network.

Epidemiology of Diving Accidents and Deaths 2006 Report (2004 Data)

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Copyright 2006 Divers Alert Network

High incidence of venous and arterial gas emboli at rest after trimix diving without protocol violations

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Marko Ljubkovic,1 Jasna Marinovic,1 Ante Obad,1 Toni Breskovic,1 Svein E. Gaustad,2 and Zeljko Dujic11Department of Physiology, University of Split School of Medicine, Split, Croatia; and 2Department ...

Short oxygen prebreathe periods reduce or prevent severe decompression sickness in a 70-kg swine saturation model

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R. T. Mahon,1,2 H. M. Dainer,1,2 M. G. Gibellato,1 and S. E. Soutiere1,31Undersea Medicine Department, Naval Medical Research Center, Silver Spring, Maryland; 2Uniformed Services Universityof the ...

Exercise after SCUBA diving increases the incidence of arterial gas embolism

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Dennis Madden, Mislav Lozo, Zeljko Dujic, and Marko LjubkovicDepartment of Physiology, University of Split School of Medicine, Split, CroatiaSubmitted 10 January 2013; accepted in final form 7 June ...

A new class of biophysical models for predicting the probability of decompression sickness in scuba diving

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Saul GoldmanDepartment of Chemistry and Guelph-Waterloo Physics Institute, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, CanadaSubmitted 14 March 2006; accepted in final form 16 April 2007

The Future of Diving 100 Years of Haldane and Beyond

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A Smithsonian Contribution to Knowledge

Determinants of arterial gas embolism after scuba diving

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Marko Ljubkovic,1 Jaksa Zanchi,2 Toni Breskovic,2 Jasna Marinovic,1 Mihajlo Lojpur,3 and Zeljko Dujic11Department of Physiology, University of Split School of Medicine, and Departments of 2Internal ...

Evidence for Increasing Patency of the Foramen Ovale in Divers

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Peter Germonpre, MD, Francis Hastir, MD, Paul Dendale, MD, PhD,Alessandro Marroni, MD, Anne-Florence Nguyen, and Costantino Balestra, PhD

SDPE (Scuba Diving-related Pulmonary Edema): una Patologia Subacquea poco conosciuta

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Maurizio Schiavon*, Giuseppe Fiorenzano*** UO Medicina dello Sport e Attività Motorie, Dipartimento Socio Sanitario ai Colli,Azienda ULSS 16 di Padova, Regione Veneto e Scuola di Specializzazionein ...


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Laurent LEVEQUE - Stage CAH CNRS – Septembre 2011